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The gym I go to has lots of hot straight guys that I would gladly cough up some cash for the chance to fuck, but I’d never be bold enough to make the offer. I also wouldn’t pay some absurd amount when I know I can get it free elsewhere.

The guys at Debt Dandy are not like me. They don’t care at all about making the proposition. They do it without any amount of shame. One video even has a guy saying he should call the police, but the Debt Dandy guy isn’t bothered. There is a level of cool there that I just don’t possess. These guys are also willing to give large payouts for the pleasure of feeling a straight man’s asshole. In fact, that’s their gimmick. They place ads offering to help men get out of debt. When the guys show up, they say it will cost them their mouth and asshole. Most guys need the money so badly that they accept.

Use our Debt Dandy discount and get 73% off. Memberships help fund their exploitation of sexy broke men.

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