Posted By Karlie on 10/30/18

I’m a stereotypical gay man. Any sitcom you see on TV with a flamboyant gay man, that’s me. My friends all call me extra but I don’t care. I love being gay. I don’t care what anyone thinks of me. I love me and all my gayness. Now, you can only imagine how picky I am when it comes to my men. I don’t necessarily have a type. I can appreciate each man’s uniqueness. But what I do expect is for them to make the most out of what genetics has given them.

I want a man to be well dressed. That doesn’t have to be expensive clothes. It can be jeans and work boots, as long as it’s neat. I only like messy in bed. I always want someone that puts time into their appearance. Well kempt is a must. Always smelling good to make me want to get closer. Just go to hot video with a discount link and any guy you see there is a guy I would welcome into my bed.

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