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I know you love watching men fuck. Straight men tend to be one of the biggest fantasies in the gay porn genre that guys just eat up. Take gay for pay videos for example. There’s just something incredibly sexy about seeing straight guys taking cock for cash. But as with anything, sex is hotter when it’s passionate and the men are actually enjoying what they’re doing.

Sometimes for something a little different, you may find yourself watching straight porn. If you haven’t tried it, give it a go. It’s a great chance to see hot straight men being the fuck machines they are! Especially when it’s in VR and you can witness every detail in exquisite clarity since the HD is so good and the experience is totally immersive.

So maybe you’ll never get to fuck a straight dude. But you can still get off to the thought of it, and watch them fuck in hardcore explicit sex scenes. Whether you’re just checking out the guy, or if you’re bi and love both parties involved, there’s no denying the men and women featured are beautiful and they are damn good at what they do!


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