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If there can be far fetched fantasies about straight incest porn then who’s to say there can’t be gay incest porn right. I mean, while we’re in a time where everyone and his dog is fighting for equality for anything you can imagine, no matter how absurd, there’s no reason why this should be excluded.

Realising that sentence is very ambiguous and is likely to come across as me saying that this is specifically is absurd, let me correct that, I am not.

Check out this discount to Family Dick where even the special price is a queer figure of $9.92. That’s 65% off a 30-day pass and access to some step-family gay fuckery and wild fantasies to your dick’s content.

Teenage step-son lies on the couch with his head resting in his step-dad’s lap while wearing a onesie with the ass-flap wide open. You know, a completely natural occurrence followed by the step-dad pulling his cock out and caressing his sleeping step-son’s asshole and as the boy wakes up he decides to suck his step-dad’s cock instead of having him arrested.

More realistic alien porn stories up next.


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