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If there can be far fetched fantasies about straight incest porn then who’s to say there can’t be gay incest porn right. I mean, while we’re in a time where everyone and his dog is fighting for equality for anything you can imagine, no matter how absurd, there’s no reason why this should be excluded.

Realising that sentence is very ambiguous and is likely to come across as me saying that this is specifically is absurd, let me correct that, I am not.

Check out this discount to Family Dick where even the special price is a queer figure of $9.92. That’s 65% off a 30-day pass and access to some step-family gay fuckery and wild fantasies to your dick’s content.

Teenage step-son lies on the couch with his head resting in his step-dad’s lap while wearing a onesie with the ass-flap wide open. You know, a completely natural occurrence followed by the step-dad pulling his cock out and caressing his sleeping step-son’s asshole and as the boy wakes up he decides to suck his step-dad’s cock instead of having him arrested.

More realistic alien porn stories up next.


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Little gay boys needing validation from other men or homosexual guys seeking love and attention from the same sex is nothing new and is therefore not trying to pioneer anything here. They are simply adding supply to the demand.

So basically, I would say, if you’re growing tired of the same old sites and the same old faces then it’s worth trying these guys out. On the back of their current big discount to Club Bang Boys specials it makes the time ripe.

You can become a member for a month for only $19.95 or take up a 6-month deal and save 45% off the regular price, now down to $16.66 per month equivalent.

For comparison I can mention that you won’t be losing out on quality, it is on par. You’re in for some fresh content and hey, a change is as good as a holiday right.



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Here’s where you can get $20 off Gay Room with this discount link. It’s the hottest gay room you’ll ever virtually walk into, I swear. You’re getting 13 sites for the low, discounted price of one which offers you up some hot gay variety you may find you can’t live without in the near future. Bathhouse bait, Boys Destroyed, Damn Thats Big, Gay Castings, Gay Creeps, Gay Violations, Man Royale, Massage Bait, Men POV, Office Cock, Out Him, Shower Bait, and Thick And Big await you here.

There’s already more than 1,300+ porn videos ready to watch here and the site only continues to grow with new updates coming in on a regular basis. Grabbing your deal to the Gay Room will also lock in your price for life, meaning it will never get unexpectedly jacked up on you with your recurring membership. You might also be happy to know that you can rate and comment on the content here. We always love giving our opinions, don’t we? Have a look around for yourself and grab this hot deal on quality gay porn today!

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You want to see some super hunky studs getting their cocks sucked and fucking other dudes in the ass? Some of these big bad boys aren’t afraid to go bottom either; here’s where you can get your Black Friday discount to You’ll save 75% off full price and gain access to over 2,500 hot, hardcore gay porn videos with some of the sexiest men packing the biggest dicks you’ll find anywhere.

These guys are fit and toned, in their 30s and 40s, muscular and they often sport stubble or designer beards, and they always sport impressive hard-ons. If tats are your thing then you have Titan-tat guys and there are around 430 hot numbers in the cast list, including the incredible Eric Nero and his nine inch dick, established porn stars like Damien Crosse and then newbies making a bigger splash like Anthony London.

You’ll even snag up some hot pics and a few bonus sites. Have a look around for yourself and grab this hot deal today on sexy guys that are practically porn-gods!

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In all the porn I’ve looked at, there really hasn’t been a whole lot of male and/or gay porn stars and their official sites I’ve come across. I know they’re out there, but porn is a field that seems to be dominated by female porn stars for men. If you want to check out a couple of hot deals on some leading men in the business, then I’ve got just the thing for you. Here’s where you can grab a deal on Buck Angel or Dylan Lucas:

If you don’t know Buck Angel, you’re missing out my friend. Truly a revolutionary guy for this extreme blog. He says, “it’s not what’s between your legs that defines you!” He’s been to some major universities as a public speaker, re-defining gender and educating an entire generation on the fluidity of sexuality and identity politics. As important as that is, you’ll also get to see his hot and sometimes controversial videos when you grab your deal on XXX Porn Discounts. It’s about time we had something a little different stand out in this world. Enjoy!

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You ever wondered what goes on with those sexy military dudes that are serving together? If you know and you’ve been apart of some kinky shit, congratulations, you’ve gotten in on some very hot sex I’ll probably never have the opportunity of enjoying myself. If you’re like me and you haven’t had a hot opportunity like this come your way, then maybe this discount will help feed your lust like it did for me.

There’s something about a guy in uniform. Muscles and thick cocks and a uniform. Mmhmm. When you grab this deal you can experience two or three guys getting it on out in the field, in the showers, in their uniforms or even nothing but their boots. You can experience some hot jizz orgies where a guy is completely covered in a ton of creamy spunk.

The site is still relatively small for the time being but updates are coming at you on a regular basis; members really seem to love this hot gay niche and it’s growing at rapid speed!

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It never ceases to amaze me what goes on behind closed doors. It’s only then that you can really see a side to both men and women that you’d never have expected to exist. Take the very kinky couples from, this is a site that twists things to the ultimate giving you desire that you never knew existed. The men inside this site are forced to perform gay sex acts on cheating men and honestly this allows you to really just loose yourself in the moment.

Taboo is a strong word to use and honestly it’s not one that I use all that often. After viewing the 100% exclusive action there’s no better word for it. Guys, the site is new so don’t expect 1000’s or even 100’s of videos. The count is low but what is there is hot and shot in HD. The videos come with matching high-res image sets and these are easily downloaded in zip files.

I must say it has been ages since I’ve actually been shocked by something and this has most certainly done that. It isn’t just the shock factor though, it is quite easily to feel like these situations do happen in real life. Take a chance and use this discount honestly it isn’t going to be something that you regret doing!

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I’d tell you guys to hold on to those cocks, but lets be honest you’re already doing just that. You know that I’ll always do my best to give you sexdiscounts that count, and these extreme men are totally begging for you to use them to come and have some fun with them. Extreme gay sex is where all the action is, there’s nothing more satisfying knowing that guys hot fucking ass is taking every inch of your cock.

I’m no stranger when it comes to finding good deals on gay porn, not when I spend the best part of my day looking for them. It’s why I’m so fucking confident that I know those deals on sex are such a good thing for you guys to use. A hot stud isn’t just going to give it up for you whenever you feel like fucking their ass. You need to work for it and only then can you really know what awesome, and extreme gay sex really feels like.

There are a bunch of hot studs that are down for just about anything, best of all there’s nothing stopping you guys from being able to snap that action up right now. Show these horny studs that your dick is down for banging their asses deep and hard, you might just get the best gay sex that you’ve ever had!

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Ready to go right into the scene of a horny tattooed dude fucking a tight asshole? Get your Virtual Real Gay discount and save 54% off full price when you join up for a year. There’s 31 exclusive POV scenes, and more are coming on a regular basis. There’s some variety of guys here, from pretty boy escort-types, hunky and hairy studs, as well as some smooth-bodied twinks.

Prepare to be completely immersed in the action here; your goggles and Fleshlight will really help do the trick. There’s also a blog you can involve yourself with to stay up-to-date on the latest and go behind the scenes. Check things out for yourself and grab your hot virtual reality gay porn deal today!

Here is where you can check out even more extreme gay discounts!

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Straight girls would be envious of these hung studs that lucky gay bastards get to fuck. If you have not seen these sexy, muscled gorgeous men and the jaw-dropping, completely huge cocks they’re packing then you’re missing out — holy shit, they’re huge — I’m tellin’ ya! Grab this 429videos discount that’s going to save you 63% off a 30-day pass.

You’re going to get 17 bonus sites of ridiculously awesome gay BF content. Hung BF Videos, Bear BF Videos, Bareback BF Videos, Black BF Videos, plus so many more. These are real amateurs that made the cut and you want to check these sexy boys out, I promise! In addition to all this bonus content, you’re also going to get access to the site’s live cam boys! Don’t miss out on this!

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